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Excavation Contractor Erie, PA

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    For every construction project, the quality of outcomes on the project depends largely on the contractor you hire for the site work. Erie Construction Pros has the wealth of experience, professionalism, and equipment to ensure that your excavation and general construction needs are fully met. We are dedicated to service delivery that exceeds the expectations of our clients, completed within the expected time frame of their project, and in the highest regards to quality standards.

    About Us

    We are well known in the Erie, PA area as one of the leading excavation contractors. Widely reputed for our quality service and professional expertise, we have worked on a wide range of projects with outstanding results and satisfied customers at every turn. As one of the leading residential and commercial construction companies in Erie, PA, we offer a promise of quality service delivery in compliance with the highest industry and regulatory standards


    Erie Construction Pros offers quality and reliable construction and excavation services. We are the top Excavation contractor in Erie PA and surrounding areas offering outstanding construction services on a wide range of projects. We serve both residential and commercial clients with services such as building demolitions, excavation projects, and site work. Erie Construction Pros is your trusted concrete contractor. We also have trucks of various types and capacity for hauling material and equipment to and from your construction site. We work as general contractors and sub-contractors for both small and large scale projects.

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    Excavation Contractor

    An excavation contractor provides land digging and site clearing services for residential and commercial building projects. Our services as your local excavation contractors include foundation digging, land grading, demolition services, and land excavation for shoreline stabilization projects. You may also hire our services for all types of drainage projects. In any of these cases, excavation serves is typically the foundation work that must be carried out before any of these projects can proceed as planned and must be properly executed for the best of results.

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    Demolition Contractor

    Pulling down a house, commercial building, or any type of structure is no easy job. It is pretty dangerous and can get very complicated as well. This is why you need the services of demolition specialists that can get the job done safely and effectively. For your residential and commercial site demolition projects, contact Erie Construction Pros. We will carefully work out the details of your demolition project and pull your building down in the safest way possible. Whether you want the entire structure demolished or only need part of it removed, you can rely on the quality of our demolition services.

    “I am a general building contractor and supervisor and I have worked with Erie Construction Pros a couple of times, this much I can say; I find their services highly satisfactory with no complaint whatsoever. They are always my first choice of construction company in Erie and surrounding areas”- James O.

    Site Work Contractor

    Site work includes a wide range of projects that are carried out to get the construction site ready and in good condition for the building construction to commence. The work of a site work contractor includes tasks like site clearing and ground preparation works soil as soil grading and ground stabilization. Excavation and trenching may also be included as part of site work. The quality of the site work contractor you hire will go along way to determine how well the site work will be executed. Hiring seasoned and reliable professionals like Erie Construction Pros for your site work will help achieve a solid start to your project.

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    Concrete is an important construction material that can be used for various purposes and forms an integral part of any construction project. A concrete contractor may be required to work on various stages of your project especially in the construction of sturdy and reliable foundations. Erie construction pros offer quality concrete installation and concrete repair services including concrete foundations, concrete driveways, concrete patio, paving, and so on. We are your trusted concrete contractors for both residential and commercial concrete works.

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    “The team at Erie Construction Pros is a highly experienced one. Their expertise is obvious in the way they handle every project. They are quite professional as well and I enjoyed my interaction with the contractors”- Michael B.

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    Inbound and outbound transportation of construction materials and equipment forms an integral part of any construction project. No matter the scale and scope of your project, you need reliable trucking and haulage services to bring in materials or machinery and take out waste and excess materials from your construction site. You can outsource your construction trucking needs to Erie Construction Pros. We have various types of heavy-duty trucks that can help move material and equipment in and out of your construction site. This is vital in ensuring the seamless flow of all you need for your project to progress on schedule.

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    At Erie Construction Pros one of our core specializations is in the area of utility construction services. We work on both small and large scale utilities project with a guarantee of quality handling and absolute compliance with safety and regulatory guidelines. No matter the type of project, the complexity of its design, and the difficulty of the project, we get the job done with a promise of quality service delivery and reliable utility installations.

    “I hired these guys for a site clearing and demolition job. The project was already behind schedule and I needed someone that could execute it promptly and efficiently. They arrived on schedule and did a super job on my project.”- Olivia W.

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    Got a question about any of our services? We will be glad to hear from you. Send us a mail or call our customer services line to book a consultation with our team of seasoned contractors and professionals that will work with you to work out the details of your project and deliver the outstanding services you need. Contact us today to get started on your project!!!