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About Our Business

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Formed several years ago as just a simple construction firm, we have steadily grown to be one of the leading residential and commercial construction companies in Erie PA. Today, we are one of the leading contractors in the area offering excavation, construction, demolition, and trucking services on projects of every size and scope. We work as general contractors on both small and large scale projects and you can also hire our services as sub-contractors to handle various parts of a large scale project.

We have clients in both residential, commercial, and public sectors and we strive to deliver with excellence on every project. Our company is dedicated to delivering the very best in construction services for all our clients. We have seasoned professionals to get the job done and we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment designed to ensure the efficiency of our services. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional services executed within the time frame of your project and with the highest regard to all regulatory and industry standards. We pay attention to the quality of our construction and we have a culture that promotes efficiency and safety. Our company is built on the principles of hard work and diligence and every client we have worked with can testify to our diligence and integrity.

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