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Demolition Contractor

hydraulic backhoe bulldozer loading demolition debris stone and concrete for recycling

Building a house is a lot of work, but so is pulling it down, especially if you want the work done safely and efficiently. There is a proper way to demolish the building and only an expert demolition contractor can give you the services you need. Whether you want an old house demolished to make room for new construction or you need demolition services for a commercial construction project, you can count on us at Erie Construction Pros for a safe demolition executed on schedule. We are available for a wide range of projects as your commercial and residential demolition contractors.


When do you need the services of a demolition contractor?

There are various reasons you may need an old building pulled down. In most cases, it is usually to make way for new construction. But demolition is not always the first option that comes to mind and is usually the final resort when an old home cannot be repaired or remodeled to your taste. A complete demolition may also be required if the cost of carrying out a repair exceeds the value of having the home reconstructed from scratch. In some cases, it could also be as a result of regulation infringements or if the property has been declared unsafe to live in. Whatever your reasons for demolishing a building, you can trust us for timely and efficient service


Commercial demolition contractors

We are one of the leading commercial demolition contractors in Erie Pennsylvania. Our demolition contractors can pull down commercial buildings up to 2-storeys high. We will take our time to plan the demolishing project taking into consideration all the major factors that may affect the project. We will work efficiently and deliver safe demolition services on schedule so the rest of your project can proceed as scheduled. We have the latest demolition equipment to do handle large scale commercial demolition projects effectively. Whether you intend to remove the structure entirely or you are simply working on an expansion project, you can count on our commercial building demolition services.


Residential demolition contractors

If you wish to pull down an old house to make way for a new home of your dreams, you will need our residential demolition services. This is usually the case for people who want to build a custom home in affluent areas that are already developed or in cases when there is serious damage to an existing building. Our contractors will assess the status of the building and recommend the best approach to pull it down then bring in all the equipment needed for a safe demolition.


Reliable demolition contractors near me

Without skills, expertise, and experience, a demolition project can get really complicated. Demolition can also be quite dangerous and may slow down the pace of your work if not handled properly. This is why you should only hire the services of demolition experts like Erie Construction Pros for all your residential and commercial demolition projects.

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