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Excavation Contractor

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The main work of an excavation contractor is to carry out site clearing and land digging services for building construction projects. An excavation contractor performs tasks like foundation digging, shaft drilling, and land grading services among other things. This includes both residential and commercial projects. We work on an excavation contractor that may also include clearing snow during winter. Erie Construction Pros performs all of these excavation tasks and more. We are an excavation company dedicated to providing excavation services on both new and existing projects. Whether you need land excavation for a building foundation or you want to install a drainage system, we are the one to call.


Level foundation excavation

We have experience with handling a wide range of construction projects including foundation excavation or slopes. We have a fleet of the latest excavating equipment that can handle your excavation needs quite effectively. No matter the type of building project you are working on, we will work based on the specifications of your project and deliver your foundation excavation needs so your project stays on schedule.


Shoreline stabilization

Another area where our expertise might be required is on shoreline stabilization projects. If you live beside a pond, lake, or a large body of water and would like to protect your building from potential flooding or water damage, then you should consider hiring our excavation services. We will help to excavate the land beside the body of water to allow the installation of a rip rap or any other structure you intend to put in place to prevent water from getting onto the land. We will coordinate with the contractors hired for the stabilization project to deliver quality results that will serve its purpose. We also carry out dredging and silt removal services to get rid of sediments at the bottom of water bodies to maintain lakes and ponds and to prevent water erosion.


Storm drainage systems

When you need to lay down drainage systems like catch basins, storm pipes, and manholes, you need our excavation services. We have experienced teams of contractors that are familiar with digging all types of drainage systems and the machinery to get the job done so that your runoff will be managed properly and efficiently. We serve the drainage construction needs of individuals and can also work on large scale commercial projects.


Land clearing and building demolitions

Before you begin the construction of a new building, there are natural and man-made structures that may already exist on the land that you need to get out of the way. This can be trees, tree stumps, and other debris that will get in the way of your new construction projects. It could also be an old building standing on the piece of land that needs to be demolished first before work can start. Part of our core services and excavation contractors is to help you clear the land by removing these structures so the work can begin and proceed as it should.

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