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Site Work Contractor

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Site work constitutes a major part of any construction project and it encompasses a wide range of tasks. Generally, any task to be carried out on the construction site except the construction of the physical structure itself is considered as site work. This includes a wide range of tasks such as site preparation and land clearing, excavation jobs, grading and soil stabilization, trenching, and so on. The quality of the site work contractor you hire can make or break your project. It is incredibly vital that you lay a good foundation for your project by choosing a reliable and efficient site work contractor for your construction project


Land clearing

Before any construction work can be carried out, the land has to be cleared and prepared for work to start. How much work has to be done and how it will be executed depends largely on the current state of the site. No matter the type and amount of work that needs to be done to transform a piece of land into a workable construction site, Erie Construction Pros is capable of providing it. We offer professional land clearing services as part of our residential and commercial site work services. Our land clearing expert will remove trees and tree stumps, debris, other obstacles on your job site. We also carry out house demolition services to remove old structures to make way for new ones.


Soil stabilization

One of the most important tasks that help to improve the strength and durability of construction work is soil stabilization. This forms an integral part of site work for both residential and commercial building projects. Before laying a building foundation, constructing a road, driveways, and any other construction, the soil must be properly compacted. In some cases, soil dewatering may also be carried out to remove excess water and grading may then be carried out. All these tasks are executed as part of site work to improve the integrity of the construction lot.



While trenching is not required for every project, if it is required for your construction work, then it can be included as part of our site work services. Erie Construction Pros has the experience, expertise, and equipment required for quality excavations and trench work. In many cases, trenching has to be carried out in compliance with local and state regulations. Our experts have extensive knowledge of building codes and we work to deliver trenching services that match the construction regulations and requirements.


Foundation construction

With all the groundwork properly completed, foundation construction signals the onset of most construction projects. The foundation of a building determines its strength and structural integrity. Erie Construction Pros provides excavation and foundation digging services required to shape the building and lay the foundation for the structure. We have all the equipment needed to dig, remove, add, and shape soil to prepare the foundation of your building or construction project. We will properly stabilize your building foundation to ensure the integrity of your building when it is finally constructed.

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