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Erie Construction Pros is an industry leader in the area of underground utility construction and site work for projects of all sizes. We are seasoned professionals with years of experience handling utility projects of all scope from major infrastructural projects to smaller pump stations and so on. We have the expertise for handling utility projects from start to finish and delivering quality and reliable services.


Our Site Utilities Services

Our company is one of the most versatile utility companies in Erie, Pa. As top-class utility contractors with years of industry experience, we have completed several site development projects for private companies and the public sector as well. We carry out an underground convention and bidirectional boring services. We also work on-site utility projects such as sewer lines, storm drainage, gas lines, and water lines. We perform all of these tasks either as general contractor for the project or subcontractors for that phase of work.


Common Issues with Utility Construction

A utility construction project must be properly carried out to avoid issues down the line. Some of the issues may occur during the project and this can delay the timeline of the project. Others may affect the quality of the job done and affect the strength and integrity of the construction work. For instance, an expected rock excavation may be required in the course of digging for utility installation. This must be promptly handled so that the project is not delayed. It is also possible to encounter existing pipes during the installation project. In this case, a solution will be required to work around the problem. Design errors in utility installations can have dire consequences. Even when this is not apparent during the construction of the project, design flaws can jeopardize the entire project.


Our “Safety First” Approach

One of the most vital parts of utility construction work is safety. This is crucial for ensuring the safe use of utility installations for new construction projects. Our crews at Erie Construction Pros take extra precaution in ensuring the quality and safety of our installation. We consider existing structures and avoid conflicts with them for all our projects. Quality supervision also forms a core part of our utility construction. All our projects are carried out in compliance with all necessary specifications and with adequate enforcement of safety practices.


Erie Utility Company You Can Trust

Erie Construction Pros is the utility company you can trust for a wide range of utility construction projects. We begin every project with adequate assessment of the construction site and with sound estimates of the construction cost. We work within schedule and utilize the best in quality construction personnel and state-of-the-art facilities for the best results. If we need a waste removal skip it's readily available. We also have an outstanding relationship with local suppliers, vendors, and suppliers to guarantee the timely and quality delivery of every project no matter the size and scale.

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